modern work is built upon diverse teams of people: your employees ++ freelancers, contractors and partners.

yet, most projects are not designed to get the best from, and give the best to these people, and millions of pounds are lost every year through ineffective working.

nett is a partner for businesses who recognise that modern work needs a modern approach to working better with others.

how can you better support
the teams you don't employ?


Run an audit to score understand how your current hybrid team experience ranks on a number of areas, and uncover observations to build upon.


Co-design ways of building stronger relationships with your talent networks, and effective ways of building, on-boarding, supporting and maintaining strong and effective hybrid teams.


Keep track of where you're doing well, and where things are failing - so you can constantly maintain commercial and qualitative effectiveness of your teams.


Share your positive stories - and apply for our accreditation mark, which both gives you and your clients reassurance of best practise, and attracts better talent to your business.

nett help you implement
these foundations for
stronger hybrid teams

receive free regular content on building stronger hybrid teams and working better with others.

Why is it important?

millions of pounds are lost through ineffective working practises every year - caused by poor communication, no onboarding, lack of clarity and support.

reports suggest that the majority of the workforce will be self-employed by 2030, so businesses need to find effective ways of working with teams they don't employ.

don't make the mistake of assuming your ways of working inside, work for people you're bringing in from outside.

-- learn more about the lost value of badly designed teams

we're the team that supports
the team you don't employ.

++ Score: we help you understand your current hybrid team experiences to identify challenges.

++ Bridge: we create products which close the gap between you and your talent, which you're able to easily apply immediately.

++ CoDesign: we co-design and implement new ways to give and get more from your hybrid teams.

++ Develop: we work with you and your external talent to build better, stronger and longer-lasting working relationships.

++ Support: we support your extended talent with emotional wellbeing and development through the Leapers community.

we partner with organisations who rely upon people they don't employ to build their business:

companies hiring ad-hoc workers, agencies, coworking spaces, talent platforms - indeed, anyone who is looking to building more diverse and inclusive teams of people, and recognises that modern work requires modern approaches.

++ get started by scoring your current hybrid experience